How to Replace JetForm / Adobe Central Server by Easily and Securely Migrating to DocPath Technology

Published by admin on September 9th, 2012

Suwanee GA (PRWEB) August 31, 2012

DocPath enables users of the software that is still commonly know as JetForm to easily migrate to DocPath software.

The software that is currently named Adobe Central Server, property of Adobe Systems Inc, was one of the first products developed specifically for the design and generation of business documents on desktop laser printers. However, its users are now looking for an alternative.

With DocPath, users can now migrate from their JetForm / Adobe Central Server environments to DocPath solutions without needing to redesign their existing forms.

Moreover, the migration process is semi-automatic, as DocPath software supports the data streams used in JetForm / Adobe Central Server environments. As such, DocPath completely secures previous investments made.

This transparency in all migration processes performed with DocPath software is one of the key factors of its success, as thousands of forms have already been successfully migrated to DocPath technology. Moreover, the process is extremely straightoforward, which turns DocPath into the best alternative to JetForm / Adobe Central Server software. Being an innovative and modern software, DocPath provides a wide variety of benefits to all types of users. For this reason, the conversion method is available to all JetForm / Adobe Central Server software clients.

The Portfolio of DocPath Solutions

DocPath solutions are developed for all kinds of companies, from small and medium-size businesses to large international organizations. DocPath clients receive state-of-the-art software that provides advanced design and generation features. Its technology allows organizations to meet their specific document management needs, as DocPath ensures that each of its solutions addresses the particular size and situation of each client and project.

Likewise, DocPath

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