UNIX Tutorial For Beginners Part 1 Intro And Navigating the Filesystem

Published by admin on March 25th, 2012

This is the first part in a video series for a beginners guide to the UNIX Shell This is the second: www.youtube.com

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  1. lewis72 says:

    rmdir newfile is perhaps better as it will only allow you to delete and empty directory. rm -r newfile will blitz everything in it, no questions asked, no recycle bin.

    That’s why I love Unix; no molly-coddling here!

  2. CamiloSanchez1979 says:

    This is good shit man, u got me up and running in Unix quick, thanks

  3. Unixpimpness says:

    thankz bro

  4. mickstarify says:

    @MrEmoji Well your error message is your answer, your ‘newfile’ is a directory, so if you want to delete it run rm -r newfile

  5. MrEmoji says:

    when i try to delete it says rm : newfile: is a directory

  6. saravana2012 says:

    u taught well man!! thanks a lot!!

  7. liranziv says:

    great!!thanks man

  8. dawgp0und says:

    Slight correction. PWD is Present Working Directory. Just my 2cents

  9. qttytn says:

    This is much better than my UNIX lecturer

  10. MrMiciboy says:

    Great tutorial !

  11. qttytn says:

    Thanks, that 1080 is quite stunning!

  12. CrackahJackJoe says:

    Windows Master Race!

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